We are so very delighted to share pictures from our day at Knole as we prepared for our event, and are immensely grateful to everyone at Knole House and the National Trust for this incredible opportunity! These pictures are taken mainly by Emily Stiff and some by me.

The event was chaired by Professor Helen Hackett. It included a talk by Yasmin Arshad on the research that inspired the production and an interview with Emma Whipday on the decisions we undertook in mounting a Jacobean style country house production. It also included a performance of extended scenes from the play by our amazing team, made up of Elspeth North, James Phillips, Emily Stiff, Mike Waters, Anna Sowerbutts, and our lutenist, Sam Brown.

We are hugely excited to have held this special presentation at Knole, where Lady Anne Clifford may have played Daniel’s Cleopatra, and to have been able to show how moving this drama is in performance.

It was a magical evening at Knole as the summer sun shone through the high windows of the Great Hall. Stay posted for our professional photos of the event to follow shortly…