Our dress rehearsal on Sunday went surprisingly smoothly; we’ve had relatively few rehearsals in the space, the actors hadn’t so much as seen their costumes before, and a lot of the props were used for the first time, but somehow it all came together. There were a couple of line wobbles, and one missed entrance, but these were hardly noticeable! Our actors had a small audience, which was rather daunting, but it really helped to get the adrenalin going, and everyone gave great performances. It was amazing to finally see all the disparate elements – the lute music, the costumes, the hall itself – come together with all the actor’s hard work in the rehearsal room to create a Jacobean-style performance of Cleopatra. We’re now waiting with bated breath for the real thing tomorrow! We hope we do Samuel Daniel proud…

Here are some photos of our actors in the dress rehearsal, to give you a glimpse of how they will look in performance. There are a couple of characters missing, as our photographer didn’t quite manage to catch them, so we’ll make sure we snap them in costume tomorrow! We look forward to seeing you there.

Photos by Anna Wilton.