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I’m delighted to announce the cast list for The Tragedie of Cleopatra!

Cleopatra,Queen of Egypt: Charlotte Gallagher

Octavius Cæsar,the nephew of Julius Cæsar: Beth Eyre

Cæsario,her son, by Julius Cæsar: Emily Stiff

Dolabella, a Roman: Anna Sowerbutts

Proculeius, a Roman: Mike Waters

Arius, an Egyptian philosopher: Amanda Tavares

Philostratus, an Egpytian philosopher: Natacha Shaban

Seleceus, an Egyptian (doubled with Chorus): Charlotte Evans

Rodon, an Egyptian and tutor to Cæsario (doubled with Chorus): Elspeth North

Diomedes, an Egyptian: Elena Ghirardello

Charmion, handmaid to Cleopatra (doubled with Chorus): Lucy Jennings

Eras, handmaid to Cleopatra (doubled with Chorus): Ritika Gupta

Titius, a Roman: Karim Khan

Guard, a Roman: James Phillips

Auditions were a wonderful, if surreal experience; after working on the script all summer, being able to watch actors actually perform monologues and dialogues from the script made the whole project feel disconcertingly real. Our producer, Yasmin, couldn’t be there in person, as she is currently in the US, but she was a virtual presence via Skype. Many auditionees commented that this was the first time they had auditioned over skype; as we were joined at the auditions by our wonderful executive producer, Professor Helen Hackett, as well as another kind supporter, the Dr Chris Laoutaris, and our lovely assistant director, Rathika Muthukumaran, it began to feel more and more like an X factor panel! But our actors were undaunted by the intimidating line-up, and all the auditions were of an astonishingly high quality.

It’s a great feeling to have our amazing cast on board, as well as a talented and enthusiastic production team, which I will announce on this blog in the coming few days.

The readthrough itself was a definite success; it really gave us a glimpse of how the final production will look, sound and feel. Rehearsals will begin on Monday, and we’re getting more and more excited… Watch this space for our rehearsal diaries, and for photographs and film clips of the rehearsals as they progress.